NanoXpress: Boosting Cross-Country Nanotech Collaboration Event

Thursday 11 July 2024 (18:00 – 20:00);
Room: TBD

The inaugural special session aims to bolster international research cooperation within the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (IEEE NTC) Global Community through proactive Speed Ideation and team-building initiatives. Collaborating internationally not only boosts research visibility but also enriches perspectives, leading to increased citations. Moreover, research teams can leverage each country’s strengths and resources. Successful collaborations offer enhanced professional growth opportunities such as Fulbright scholarships.

Furthermore, these partnerships can expand funding opportunities through bilateral agreements between countries. The session will commence with a 30-minute presentation on relevant International Funding Opportunities for the IEEE NTC community. Subsequently, two 45-minute brainstorming/ideation sessions will pair researchers from different countries based on: (1) areas of expertise, (2) interest in branching out, and (3) countries with existing MOUs or mutual funding opportunities.

Interested participants must register for this complimentary session when registering to the IEEE NANO 2024 conference, to facilitate better pairing by organizers. The registration to the NanoExpress session is free of charge. Once registered, organizers will request additional details to optimize ideation sessions. Those interested are encouraged to reach out to Sanjukta Bhanja ( for further information, specifying their areas of expertise and desired collaborations in the email.