Abstract Submission

IEEE NANO 2024 will accept the option of one-page abstract submissions starting on March 1, 2024. Authors should prepare a “One-page Abstract“ using the word template and submit it for review by April 25, 2024 Closed, via online submission site, selecting the “Contributed session abstract” option. The abstract may include tables and figures (jpg or png) as far as the complete abstract adjusts to one page.

  • NOTE: All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the Technical Program Committee.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the Conference Proceedings, but they will NOT be considered for IEEE NANO 2024 Best Paper Award nor published in IEEE Xplore or other A&I databases.

To be considered for inclusion into IEEE Xplore, full papers (4 to 6 pages) must be submitted by March 21, 2024 Closed.

A margin compliance issue was detected. Please be sure to use the corrected template when preparing your abstracts. We are sorry for the trouble and will try to make all during the conference to make your stay agreeable.

How to submit

Abstracts should be submitted by a designated “Corresponding Author” with the steps below:

1. Go to the Online Paper Submission Site.
2. Follow the link to “Submit a Contribution to NANO 2024” to the right of the NANO 2024 listing.

3. Select the “Contributed session abstract” option.
4. Fill in the information about “Title, Authors*, Keywords**, and Abstract“; and then continue to the next page.
5. Upload your paper in a PDF, MS-Word, or Latex (Note: The main.tex file should be called root.tex) Images must be in jpg or png format.

NOTE: “Authors” should be entered through their PIN numbers and every author must have a PIN.

  1. If you have submitted papers to prior NANO conferences: You should have your PIN number. You can retrieve your or co-authors’ existing PIN or set/reset your PASSWORD in the PIN Wizard at the submission site, and the same for all the authors.
  2. If you have never submitted papers to NANO conferences: You should set your PIN and PASSWORD in the PIN Wizard at the submission site. The same should be done for the authors without PIN.

NOTE: Authors should select “Keywords”, which are the names of NTC Technical Committees (TC), when submitting a paper. The Technical Program Committee will handle the peer reviews of submitted papers and accepted papers will be assigned to the appropriate sessions based on the author’s application and program requirements.

To Update an Existing Submission

  1. Go to the Online Paper Submission Site.
  2. Login with your PIN and PASSWORD; and go to the author workspace for NANO 2024.
  3. Follow the link to “Update Submission Information” or to “Reupload” the manuscript file.