WHOVA: The IEEE NANO 24 Mobile Event App

IEEE NANO 2024 attendees will have access to the Whova application to enhance their conference experience. Once registered, attendees will gain exclusive access to a plethora of features designed to streamline your participation and maximize engagement.

With Whova, you can create and manage your Personal Agenda, effortlessly navigate through multiple tracks and sessions using interactive maps, and seamlessly share and access documents including slides and handouts. Plus, you have the opportunity to customize the app with your own branding, ensuring a personalized touch throughout the event.

Even if you find yourself without internet access, fret not! Whova remains fully functional offline, guaranteeing that you stay connected and informed at all times. And with instant updates available anytime, you’ll never miss out on important announcements or changes.

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Get the most out of the app and have a more productive experience!


NAVIGATE the event agenda and logistics, even without Wi-Fi or data. Access useful information like ridesharing and local attractions through the Community Board


NETWORK effectively. Plan whom to meet by exploring attendee profiles and sending out messages


PARTICIPATE in event activities through session likes, comments, ratings, live polling, tweeting, and more

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Get ready to elevate your IEEE NANO 24 experience with Whova – where convenience, interactivity, and connectivity converge for an unparalleled conference journey.

Ready to join? This is what you can expect!

Please note: Registration is mandatory to access the Whova app. The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll be granted access to begin your interactive experience. Don’t delay – secure your spot today and dive into the world of IEEE NANO 24 together with Whova! Check the registration page here.