is in the centre of the Asturian coast in Northern Spain:
43°32′08″ N - 5°39′41″ O

It is the most populated municipality in Asturias. About 280,000 people live in its municipal district, 90% of whom live in the city of Gijon.

In summer the average temperature is 19.5ºC and in winter 9.5ºC. Always bring informal and warm clothes and footwear.

One of the safest of the country, with an extremely low accident rate. You can enjoy yourself without any problems until very late at night.

Botanic garden, Roman terms, San Pedro church, Elogio del Horizonte, Main Square, Providencia promenade, …

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The airport of Asturias (OVD) is found in the locality of Santiago del Monte, 48 km from Gijón (approx. 35 minutes), connected by the A8 motorway.

About Gijón

Gijón’s profile is determined by the sea. The city lies at the heart of the Asturian coastline. Located between Capes Torres and San Lorenzo, Gijón has always lived under the protection of the Cantabrian sea, which has determined its industrial, commercial and urban development as well as its weather or even its personality. the presence of the sea, its smell and buzz penetrate through the city’s streets and reach even the innermost areas of the town. Nine beaches, some in the downtown and others hidden between cliffs, a marina that has repeteadly been awarded the blue flag for the quality of its facilities and an industrial growing port comprise Gijón’s sea front, eighteen kilometers of coast that walkers can cover almost entirely without interruption.